JOIN US at the 2nd Annual Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation 2015 Summit

September 10–12, 2015 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

This is a World Congress on Families Regional Event

The Goal of the Summit

If your goal is to stop pornography and sexual exploitation from harming individuals and children, join us! Let’s work together to strengthen the movement and help the public understand that we are experiencing a public health crisis, the result of the highly sexualized culture around us.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Sexualization of women and children;
  • Reducing demand for sex trafficking;
  • Factors driving sexual violence and sexual assault;
  • Solutions for reducing sexual exploitation;
  • Sex industry as an organized business model;
  • Recovery & healing;
  • Prevention solutions and practices;
  • And more (We would appreciate your feedback.)

This summit is intended for organizations, concerned citizens, community leaders, and activists dedicated to opposing exploitation.

The Summit will focus on


We have assembled the top experts in the world to present the most up-to-date research findings on the harms of pornography, the sexualization of girls, violence against women, and more.


To win the war against sexual exploitation, media, digital strategy and fundraising training is critical! We are bringing in experts to teach us all how to do these things better.


We need you as we work toward creating global change regarding these complex social issues. You can contribute a unique perspective based on your experiences and strengths that will help built a movement.


If you would like to present or have a suggestion for a topic, please submit a request here.


Ed Smart

Director of Prevention & Rehabilitation of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and President of The Surviving Parents Coalition


Sexual Exploitation: Connecting the Dots in Real Life


Melissa Farley, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Prostitution Research & Education

Pornography is Filmed Prostitution

Carolyn West

Carolyn M. West, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology

University of Washington

“Let me tell ya ‘bout Black Chicks”: Pornography, Pimping, and Prostitution

Pic_Ernie Allen

Ernie Allen

Founder, Former President & CEO

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

The Dark Side of the Internet and the Exploitation of Children

Picture_ Dawn Hawkins 1_ National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Dawn Hawkins

Vice President & Executive Director

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Event Host; Opposing the Status Quo: Changing Policies that Exploit

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.48.27 AM

Matt Fradd

Founder and Director

The Porn Effect

Why We Do What We Do: A Call to Unite


Mary Anne Layden, Ph.D.

Director, Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program Center for Cognitive Therapy

Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania

Taking Care of the Care Givers: Put Your Mask on First & Healing Sexual and Pornography Addiction


Clay Olsen

CEO & Founder

Fight The New Drug

A Youthful Perspective on Change; Messaging Training: Getting the Youth on Board; Film: Brain. Heart. World.

Vednita Carter

Vednita Carter

Founder & Executive Director

Breaking Free

Best Practices Working with Survivors of Sexual Exploitation


Donald Hilton, MD


University of Texas

Brain Drain: Neurological Considerations of Pornography Addiction

Ron DeHaas

Ron DeHaas


Covenant Eyes, Inc.

A culture of accountability - shaping behavior with technology

Robin Rivera Photo

Robin Rivera

Survivor Consultant, Writer, and Trainer on Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Porn, & Adult Systems of Prostitution


Cost: $250 Early Bird (before 7/31/15), $300 (after 7/31/15), $125 for students, *Group rates available. Contact us.

Limited hotel rooms available at $129/night. Reserve your room here before August 28th.


Thursday, September 10

Invite Small Group Planning Meetings
5:00–6:30pm Exhibitors Setup
5:00–10:00pm Registration Open
7:00 – 10:00pm Networking Event: Hor-d’oeuvres & Cash Bar

Friday, September 11

7:00-8:30am Breakfast
8:30am–12:45pm General Session "Pornography: A Public Health Crisis"
12:45–2:15pm Lunch hosted by Leadership Institute
2:15–6:30pm Breakout Sessions, Networking & Training
6:30–9:00pm Happy Hour Networking & Dinner hosted by Covenant Eyes
9:00–10:30pm Feature Films

Saturday, September 12

7:00-8:30am Breakfast
8:30–9:00am General Session "Connecting the Dots of Sexual Exploitation in Real Life"
9:00am–1:30pm Breakout Sessions, Networking & Training
1:30–2:30pm Lunch hosted by Fight the New Drug
2:30–6:00pm General Session "The Gulliver Strategy: Multi-faceted Approach to End Sexual Exploitation"

Highlights from the 2014 Summit

2014 Video Presentations

Pornography and the Colonization of Childhood

Sharon Cooper, MD FAAP

A Public Health Approach to the Pornography Crisis

Cordelia Anderson, MA

Sex, Identity and Intimacy in a Porn Culture

Gail Dines, PhD

Photos from the 2014 Summit

What 2014 Attendees are Saying

“I am telling everyone I see that it was the best conference I’ve attended—the speakers, the format, the food, the materials—all of it was so well done. Thank you!”

Cathy Ruse, Family Research Council

“This was a remarkably successful summit, and a press conference with arresting impact. I was awed by the breadth of offerings at the summit, the numbers of people and organizations in attendance, and the zeal of the attendees. You brought forth a triumph. I think it will prove to have been a tipping point in marshaling a formidable and effective national coalition and movement in opposition to pornography.”

Robert Cahill, Chairman of the Board of Morality in Media

“This was a significant event, and I am impressed with your organizational expertise in bringing so many movers and shakers in this industry together. Thank you for spearheading the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation and making it a success.”

Ron DeHaas, Covenant Eyes

“All the statistics provided and information helped motivate me to really start helping to bring about change.”

Concerned Supporter

“I was very impressed and encouraged by the Summit. For once, it seems as though we might be able to get in on the front end to actually effect change and reverse the trend of this culture—through our concerted, bi-partisan efforts—rather than dealing with the tragedy after it happens and being forced to pick up the pieces of shattered lives. Your effort to unite men and women of good will, no matter their politics or particular religion, seems to be the absolute right way to go. I hope I might be able to attend the full conference next year.”

Laraine Bennett, National Council of Catholic Women

“The speakers were fabulous. I really appreciated the level of scientific discussion and research that underpinned everything. It is easy to let emotion take over on a topic like this, and I appreciated the dedication to proven fact, since that is what most of culture demands.”

New Activist, starting a new organization

“I want to add my thanks. It was a fantastic conference—and a tremendous accomplishment to bring so many diverse voices together. I learned a lot from many different types of organizations that I never realized shared so many common areas of agreement. I especially enjoyed the personal testimonies, which, though difficult, were very valuable in putting a “face” on the many victims of these sexual crimes.”

Mary Hamm, Archdiocese of Washington

“The recent Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation was a remarkable meeting of individuals and groups who are dedicated to addressing the otherwise almost unopposed glorification of pornography.  Voices of education, experience, and truth were heard, voices which will not be silenced, and which call for a return to human dignity.  The friendships and relationships which were forged will generate action and energy which will change the direction of the cultural debate.”

Donald Hilton, MD, neurosurgeon

“I liked everything about the Summit but it was refreshing to see and hear a diverse group of people, put their differences aside and come together in one mind and body to expose & combat the evils of sexual exploitation.”

Individual Activist

“Thank you for all of your very hard work in putting together an impacting event! I felt that it was informative and energizing to be with a company of people all moving in the same direction. I look forward to next year!”

Exodus Cry

“I could not have asked for a better experience at the Summit. It was nothing short of empowering, healing and full of love and concern for everyone involved.”

The Togetherness Project

“I thought MIM did an amazing job organizing this event. The hotel was lovely, having all of the meals included was wonderful and allowed for much less interruption to the flow of activities. The variety of speakers addressing the subject was great, and the information was highly informative. Everyone I met from MIM was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. This event was extremely well organized and I am very glad I attended.”

Individual Activist

“The press and fundraising seminars; learning and networking; seeing porn harms at work; the amazing job Dawn Hawkins did, bringing so many people with different beliefs together at the same table. That is a huge accomplishment and something no one has ever done before her.”

Executive Director of Stop Porn Culture

“It was honestly such an incredible experience. I was super impressed.”

Smart Girl, Stupid World

“Sounds like the Summit was a huge success! I’ve received multiple emails from people telling me how amazing it was and how stupid we were for not being there. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity.”

Addo Recovery

“The quality of presenters and quantity of subjects covered. I also LOVED rubbing shoulders with so many good people. And the food was AMAZING! The wrap-up session the next morning was EXTREMELY beneficial.”

Citizens for Decency

“The summit was truly life-changing…and I genuinely appreciate all YOU and your dedicated assistants did to make it the success it proved to be.”

Concerned Parent

“The coming together of widely diverse political and religious groups and ideals to fight in a common cause, setting aside side issues to listen and world toward common goals.”

Battle Plan Ministries

“Networking. Connecting. Collaborating.”

Fight the New Drug

“Thank you! I believe this was a very successful beginning! In 5 years, you will look back at this as a turning point in the movement. I came away motivated to do more in our area. I know the days were very busy, but I don’t know what I would want to do without. It we come this far, I appreciate that you made every minute count. Thanks for a wonderful experience.”

Vauna Davis, Utah Coalition Against Pornography

“Gail Dines, Mary Anne Layden, Donald Hilton were all fantastic. That basis of excellent scholarship is essential for credibility. That’s the foundation we have to have for activism. The idea of a coalition is also essential to combine strength and ideas.”

Russell Thye, Ph.D., professor at Colorado Christian College

“The passion and gifting of the people in attendance was awe inspiring. The speakers were phenomenal and it was well organized and executed. I especially loved the string quartet at dinner!”

Melea Stephens, Marriage & Family Therapist and Director of Alabama Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Though this weekend was heavy, frightening, and…some other depressing adjective, I have hope. I feel rejuvenated. I am so happy that I came.”

Matt Fradd, Catholic Apologist and Speaker

“This weekend has been empowering, paradigm shifting, and filled with hope in humanity and belief in the strength of the diverse army fighting the enemy together via overwhelming beautiful miracles!”

New Activist, Concerned Mother

“The speakers were amazing—Dr. Gail Dines was the perfect person to begin and end the conferences.”

The Goretti Group

“The quality (experience and passion) of the speakers was amazing!!!”

Concerned Parent

“I liked learning more about the topic of pornography, I liked meeting people who are activist in this area, I liked hearing what others are doing to try to address this issue.”

Susan Yoshida, MD

“Networking, training on effective interviews, focus on being part of a movement.”

New Activist

“All of the information and variety of testimonies.”

Catholic Diocese of Arlington

“Fantastic selection of speakers and topics.”

AFA of New Orleans

“I like learning about the latest things people have come up with to educate families (like the new children’s book), helps for recovery, scientific studies and TECH!!”

Arizona Family Council

“Information, hearing about this subject from so many angles, knowing that while there is a huge problem that there are many individuals working hard to help save victims as well as new ways to educate everyone especially the young.”

National Council for Catholic Women

“The Information on education of students and training.”

Louisiana Family Forum

“It was exhausting, but I liked how much information was packed into every session and how many sessions were packed into the day. There was no wasted time, but yet, there was still time for networking.”

Individual Activist

“Meeting people in real life that I’ve been emailing for years.”

The Heart of the Matter

“I was absolutely blown away by the caliber of this year’s Summit. You exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you for an amazing event, and I can’t wait for next year.”

New Activist

“Networking – I was amazed at what a ‘big tent’ you are able to cast.”

Tilley & Associates

“The energy of the young people who are joining the fight.”

Barbara Hattemer, activist and author

“The energy and motivation to combat the harms associated with pornography and sexual exploitation.”

New Activist

“Everything. I absolutely loved it all!”

Marriage and Family Therapist

“The conference was well-organized; the people who attended are my kind of people: taking their concerns into the public forum.”

Soul to Sole Choreography

“Quality leadership that brought various voices and movement together.”

Birmingham Prayer Furnace

“The opportunity to meet and hear from other leaders in the anti-porn movement.”

Porn Proof Kids

“That differences can be put aside and people across the religious/political spectrum can unite!”

New Activist, Parent

“The Summit was both personally and professionally very beneficial. It was one of the best community-sponsored conferences I have attended in a number of years. I appreciated the opportunity to participate [and] learn.”

New Actvist

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Washington, DC 20005

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