7/20/16 LEADERS: Why should you sacrifice for this annual Summit?

July 20, 2016
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MY favorite part about the CESE Summit?
The inspiration!
Sometimes I feel alone sitting in my office, working day and night on these difficult and heartbreaking issues. But there are many individuals and organizations surrounding us, diverse but united, in this movement. Let’s get together and hear about each other’s victories, lessons we’ve learned, and strategies that are working. No man, or woman, is an island!
Academic experts, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, recovery programs, religious leaders, survivors, educators, and public advocates meet together at this CESE Summit to share resources and to strategize for real-world change.


Here is the tentative schedule. Take a look at the lineup of trainings and speakers. A few of the trainings I am most excited to attend are these plenary talks:


  • Human Trafficking as Crimes Against Humanity: Why the Global Sex Trade is Not InevitableTaina Bien-Aimé, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)
  • How Pornography Harms: Today’s Research, Scholarly Perspectives, and Real Life StoriesJohn D. Foubert, Ph.D., LLC, Oklahoma State University and One In Four
  • The Genie is Out of the Bottle: The Health and Social Risks of Adolescent Internet UseReena Isaac, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Harris County Children’s Assessment Center and Cassie Smith, LMFT-S, , LPC-S,  The Children’s Assessment Center
and these two breakout sessions:


Looking Deeper Beneath the Surface: Identifying and Working with Underserved Populations

  • The Bottom Girl Phenomenon – Shamere McKenzie, Salvation Army-Baltimore & Sun Gate Foundation
  • Restoration for Boys and Men – Anna Smith, Restore One
  • Intersectionality and Trafficking Risk:  Why Perspective Matters – Jessica Emerson, University of Maryland


Sexploitation Is Nobody’s Job: A Review of Legal Approaches to Prostitution

  • Lisa Thompson, National Center on Sexual Exploitation
  • Laura Lederer, Global Centurion
  • Taina Bien-Aimé, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
See a near-complete lineup of talks here.
Even if you cannot join us (which I hope is not the case!) Can you help us raise awareness about this event? Please send this information to at least three friends or fellow advocates that you think might be interested in attending! Whether it’s someone who helps at a women’s shelter, an educational platform, a church leader, a law enforcement officer, or a concerned parent; everyone will find new information and new strategies at the CESE Summit.
Last year we heard from so many people that they wish they had known about the event—we don’t want that to happen again! Let’s spread the word!
This year the CESE Summit will be held Sept. 29-Oct.1, in Houston, Texas.
Visit the CESE Summit webpage to learn more, and to register: http://endexploitationmovement.com/summit-2016/
Please email or call me if you want to talk about this event and how it can assist your efforts in the #EndExploitation movement. Dawn@ncose.com or 202-393-7245
Dawn Hawkins
Dawn HawkinsGrateful for your leadership!
Dawn Hawkins,
Director, Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation
Vice President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

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