2016 Summit Speakers

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Alexander Rhodes



From Addiction to Advocacy: The Inadvertent Story of a Porn-Recovery Website

Anna Smith Pic

Anna Smith, MSW

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Restore One

Restoration for Boys and Men

Ashleigh2 6.15

Ashleigh Chapman

President & CEO

Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice®

How Global, National, and Local Businesses are Uniquely Positioned to Join the Fight


Benny Yu



“Voices from around the World” Leveraging VR to demystify the sex-industry


Beverly Hallberg

Introduction to Television Techniques and Media Interviews; On Camera TV Workshops; & Public Speaking and Messaging for the Movement


Captain Corinne Stannish


Sarasota Police Department

Turn Your Life Around Prostitution Diversion Program: An Alternative Approach to Combatting Sexual Exploitation

Cassie Smith Picture

Cassie Smith, LMFT-S, LPC-S

2) Manager of Therapy Services

Children's Assessment Center

The Genie is Out of the Bottle: The Health and Social Risks of Adolescent Internet Use

Chris Smith Pic

Chris Smith

Co-Founder & President

Restore One


clay-1 (1)

Clay Olsen

CEO & Co-Founder

Fight the New Drug

How to De-Radicalize the Anti-Pornography Movement

connie rose

Connie Rose

Director Training and Survivor Leadership

Selah Freedom

Speak from Strength, Not Trauma: How to Know When A Survivor is Ready & Turn Your Life Around Prostitution Diversion Program: An Alternative Approach to Combatting Sexual Exploitation

Pic_ Dawn Hawkins 2_National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Dawn Hawkins

Vice President & Executive Director

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Exposing the Connections Between All Forms of Exploitation & The Dirty Dozen List: Naming, Shaming & Changing Corporations who Facilitate Sexual Exploitation

solo dina big

Dina Alexander, MS


Educate and Empower Kids

Resources that Make “the talks” Easy and Empower Kids Against Pornography

headshot_don hilton

Donald Hilton, M.D.


University of Texas - San Antonio

Pornography and the Brain: Public Health Considerations

Donna Hughes - headshot

Donna M. Hughes

Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair in Women’s Studies Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies and Sociology & Anthropology

University of Rhode Island

Sexploitation Is Nobody’s Job: A Review of Legal Approaches to Prostitution


Ed Smart


Surviving Parents Coalition

Sexual Exploitation: Connecting the Dots in Real Life (Dinner keynote speaker 9/30/16)

Eliza Reock Headshot

Eliza Roeck

Director of Programs

Shared Hope International

The Non-criminalization of Minors for Prostitution Offenses


Elizabeth Peace

Communications Director

U.S. House of Representatives

Creating Headlines: Earning Media Attention for Your Cause


Elizabeth Yore, J.D.

International Child Advocate and Attorney


A Renaissance of Innocence: Building an Underground Resistance Movement from the Family Room to the Corporate Board Room

IMG_2263 (1)

Gabe Deem


Reboot Nation

Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions: Exploring the Science and Potential Negative Effects of Sexually Conditioning Arousal To Pixels.

pic_ Gail-Dines

Gail Dines, Ph.D.

President, Culture Reframed

Professor, Wheelock College

The Gulliver Strategy: How to Take Down the Porn Industry Nationally and Internationally

gary wilson2

Gary Wilson

Author, Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction

Website Host, ‘Your Brain On Porn’

Moderator for Panel Pornography: A Public Health Crisis

Gerrard_08 - Version 2

Glendyne Gerrard


Defend Dignity

Update from Canada


Godfrey Kuteesa

1) Update on Efforts to Educate Youth in Africa & 2) Pornography & Sex Trafficking in Africa: A Story of Redemption

haley halverson headshot

Haley Halverson

Director of Communications

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

More Than Fantasy: The Link Between Pornography and Sexual Violence

Headshot Jack Sonneman

Jack Sonnemann


Australian Federation for the Family

IN THE ARENA: fighting the "Winnable War" against porn in Australia

View More: http://shannonworley.pass.us/jacy

Jacy Boyack

Founder & Director

The Togetherness Project

Rising Above Betrayal Trauma: How I Survived and What I am Doing Now


Jamey Caruthers, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney

Children At Risk

Meaningful Legislative Reform to End Sexual Exploitation: Successes and Challenges in Texas

Jason Cutout med-res

Jason Huxley

Guilty Pleasure

Engaging people who aren’t really sure they want help: Thinking outside the box in Australia

Jen headshot

Jennifer Brown, DDS

One Concerned Mom's Updates from Utah

JE Photo 2

Jessica Emerson, LMSW, Esq.

Clinical Teaching Fellow

Human Trafficking Prevention Project at the University of Baltimore School of Law

Intersectionality and Trafficking Risk: Why Perspective Matters


Jessica Harris

Author, Speaker, Blogger

Beggar's Daughter

The Rise and Risks of Female Porn Use


Jessica Neely

Survivor Advocate, Speaker, Consultant

Refuge for Women

Mind of a Sex Trafficker Bred inside the Hollywood Porn Industry

Jillian Gilchrest Head Shot

Jillian Gilchrest, MSW


Trafficking in Persons Council, State of Connecticut

State-based Policy Wins for the Movement: Update from CT

Foubert Hi Res NT 2015

John D. Foubert, Ph.D., LLC

Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Oklahoma State University and National President, One in Four

How Pornography Harms: Today’s Research, Scholarly Perspectives, and Real Life Stories AND Freshman or Fresh Meat? The Impact of Porn Culture on College Students


Josh McDowell

Author, Evangelist, and Apologist

Josh McDowell Ministry

Equipping & Protecting the Church in Battle to Curb Exploitation

Julie Waters red dress

Julie Waters, J.D.

Founder & Executive Director

Free the Captives

Understanding Child Sex Trafficking and Effective Programming for Restoration

Karen Roswurm Pic

Karen Countryman-Roswurm, LMSW, Ph.D.

Founding Executive Director

Wichita State University, Center for Combating Human Trafficking

Extrication from Exploitation: Empowering Emancipation

Kartal Peel

Kartal Peel

Film Director

BOYS Documentary


Pic_kristen jenson

Kristen Jenson

Founder & Author

Protect Young Minds

How Porn Harms Kids: A review of Research on Attitudes and Behavior Plus Recommendations for Solutions

laura_lederer (1)

Laura J. Lederer, LLC

President, Global Centurion & DoD subject matter expert on Combatting Trafficking in Persons

1) In Modern Bondage: A Brief History of the Development of 21st Century Exploitation and the Fight to Eradicate It AND 2) Street Gang Sex Trafficking

Lauren headshot

Lauren Day

President and Founder

GoodBuzz Solutions

Branding your Non-Profit: Developing a Media Strategy to Carry Your Message

leigh kohler

Leigh Kohler

Executive Director

Freedom Church Alliance

The Church’s Response to Sex Trafficking in Houston


Lisa L. Thompson

Vice President of Outreach and Education

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Virtual Reality Pornography: The New Frontier in the Fight against Sexploitation


Marlondo Sanchez


“Voices from around the World” Leveraging VR to demystify the sex-industry


Mary Anne Layden, Ph.D.

Director, Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program Center for Cognitive Therapy

Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania

Sexual Addictions & Betrayal Trauma: Offering Hope

Mary Bawden

Mary Margaret Bawden


Soul to Sole Choreography & DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited]

DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited)


Matt Fradd

The Porn Effect & Integrity Restored

Stronger Together: Different World Views, One Enemy & The Essential Reason Porn is Wrong

UAHT Misa Nguyen_DoP

Misa Nguyen

Director of Programs

United Against Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in Houston: A Collaborative Approach

nancy jo sales

Nancy Jo Sales


American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers

Keynote Address at Opening Banquet


Nita Belles

Executive Director

In Our Backyard

To Super Bowl and Beyond


Noah B.E. Church

Author, Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn

Website Host, AddictedToInternetPorn.com

Raised on a Diet of Internet Porn: The Neurological Consequences of Long-term Addiction

NB Bio Pic

Noel Bouche



Porn Trafficking: Why the Connections are Old News Yet Provide a New Narrative in the Digital Age


Patrick A. Trueman, Esq.

President & CEO

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Today's Porn: Not a Constitutional Right, Not a Human Right

_MG_3609 (1)

Rachelle Starr

Founder and Executive Director

Scarlet Hope

Helping Women Trapped in the Adult Entertainment Industry Find Hope, Purpose, and Freedom

ran gavrieli 2

Ran Gavrieli

A lecturer on Emotionally & Physically Safe Sex, focusing on prevention of Sexual Violence and Porn Damages

In Our Homes: Preventing Sexual Violence and Educating for Healthy Relationship

Dr Reena Isaac Pic

Reena Isaac, M.D.

Medical Director, Children's Assessment Center

Baylor College of Medicine, Harris County Children’s Assessment Center

The Genie is Out of the Bottle: The Health and Social Risks of Adolescent Internet Use

image3 (1)

Robin Rivera

Consultant, Writer, Speaker from a survivor’s perspective, specializing in healing & transformation


Porn: Entertainment Prostitution & Behind the Scenes

Ron DeHaas

Ron DeHaas

Founder & CEO

Covenant Eyes

A Culture of Accountability: Shaping Behavior with Technology

Scooter Schaefer

Scooter Schaefer

Senior Digital Manager

CRC Digital

Going Viral: Utilizing Social Media to Become Your Own Digital Media Broadcast Center

scott bergthold

Scott D. Bergthold


Law Office of Scott D. Bergthold, P.L.L.C.

1) Making Real Progress Against Sexual Exploitation: Effectively Enforcing Sexually Oriented Business Regulations & 2) The 3-Step Process for Success Against the Harmful Impacts of Sexually Oriented Businesses

Criminal Justice major, Shamere McKenzie, with her mentor and Loyola associate professor of history, John Donoghue on Loyola's Lake Shore Campus, April 24, 2015. (photo by Natalie Battaglia)

Shamere McKenzie

Anti-trafficking Program Director, Salvation Army of Central Maryland and CEO, Sun Gate Foundation

The Bottom Girl Phenomenon

Sharon Lamb

Sharon Lamb, Ed.D., Ph.D.


University of Massachusetts Boston

Moral Reasoning of Bystanders in Sketchy Sexual Situations

Taina Bien-Aime photo 2

Taina Bien-Aimé

Executive Director

Coalition Against Trafficking In Women (CATW)

Human Trafficking as Crimes Against Humanity: Why the Global Sex Trade is Not Inevitable


Tomi Grover, Ph.D.

Children, Porn, and Sexual Exploitation

2016 Vauna Davis

Vauna Davis

Executive Director

Utah Coalition Against Pornography

Lead Me to Love: Hope for Millennial Relationships in a Porn-Impaired World

Speaker information still being added.

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